It seems like almost all of the bridges I drive across in the state of Pennsylvania are sketchy. I have never been a fan of bridges because I have a weird fear of my car flying off the edge. So when driving on a bridge that seems like it was built in the 1700s, let's just say my anxiety reaches an all time high.

I did some research and found that my suspicions about Pennsylvania bridges were correct. The state ranked number 2 for the worst bridges in the country in 2019. Last year was a little better. According to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, Pennsylvania ranked at number 5 in 2020 for having the most structurally deficient bridges.

So what makes a bridge structurally deficient? According to Penn Live, inspectors can classify a bridge as deficient based on its condition, how the deck looks, plus its super and substructure condition.

Or if you want to take my definition of a sketchy bridge, any structure that has my car shaking, rattling or making weird noises. A sketchy bridge to me is one that looks like it could collapse at any moment and take me to my sudden death.

A lot of people say that they think the Emlenton Bridge is the sketchiest bridge in Pennsylvania because of how tall and narrow it is. If heights aren't your thing, this bridge will be a definite no for you. According to Only In Your State, the Emlenton Bridge is the tallest and longest bridge in Pennsylvania and can have you feeling like your are on a skyscraper.

In my opinion, the sketchiest bridge in Pennsylvania is the Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh. Built in 1881, this bridge is the oldest bridge in the state and it shows. Residents in the area have expressed how they always get nervous driving over the Smithfield Street Bridge. It isn't even that tall, it's structure just doesn't provide enough security to ease our nerves.



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