New year, new you! But before you join that new gym to drop those extra holiday pounds, read the fine print! It may not be east to opt out.

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The new year is upon us, and but what happens when you're ready to cancel that monthly subscription? Signing up for a gym membership can be a lot easier than canceling that gym membership. But unfortunately, it's designed to be difficult. A New Jersey bill wants to change that - for the sake of your wallet!

Canceling gym memberships is HARD.

We can safely assume that most gyms make millions in profit by making it difficult for gym members to cancel their memberships.

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Years ago, I joined a well-known fitness center franchise in Cherry Hill. When I had to move away to Central Pennsylvania, I incorrectly assumed that I would be able to cancel my membership online or with a simple phone call. Nope. I was required to cancel in person, but I couldn't do so until after several months of paying that $10/month for a gym I couldn't even access on a regular basis. It was infuriating.

Not to mention, you could even wind up having to jump through a dozen hoops and pay crazy cancellation fees just to quit a gym.

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A New Jersey bill is proposing to making canceling your gym membership just as easy as it was to join - with an online cancelation option:

Billl A3892:

"Requires online option for cancellation of automatic renewal of health club services subscriptions entered into online; provides additional options for cancelling health club services contracts under certain circumstances."

We'll see if it's approved once it hits Gov. Phil Murphy's desk. Hopefully it does!

Do you have any gym cancelation horror stories?

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