Nothing is worst than a dog owner leaving their dog's poop in the grass. The number of times I have stepped in dog poop in my apartment complex is ungodly. It's as if people don't have any respect for others nowadays.

My apartment complex in Bensalem, Pennsylvania makes it so easy for dog owners to clean up after their pets. There are stations set up outside throughout the complex that provide doggy bags and trash bins for the poop. But yet, it seems as if no one wants to take the extra step to help keep a shared area clean.

It's not just in my apartment complex, this happens everywhere. Some people either forget bags when walking their dogs or simply don't feel like bending down and picking it up. According to Protect My Paws, experts say that we are in the middle of a dog poop epidemic. There is an abnormal amount of dog poop being left in the street and people are stepping all in it. And even worse, some kids are getting sick from it.

Actually, the city that is considered to be the Dog Poop capital of America is right here in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh has been dubbed as "Poopsburgh" if you didn't know. The reason the state is full of so much poop is that it is considered to be a great place for tourists to travel to with their pets, according to Protect My Paws. More dogs in the area, the more poop there is going to be. 

If you have a dog, please be considerate of other people and our shoes and pick up their poop.

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