A different kind of grocery store, Stew Leonard’s, is opening later this year (around fall) in Paramus, New Jersey. Not only is the super market known for its great products, but also for the animated robots that are found throughout the store, according to NJ.com.

You can see some of the animatronics in action in the video above. As customers shop the aisles they'll encounter a delivery man in an old-style car/wagon, a band of juice and milk cartons, a banana that's dressed similar to the woman found on the Chiquita banana logo, and rotating sticks of butter.

I think there are more fun robots to be seen, and that they will literally have more in store. I say this because I went to their YouTube Channel and found a video of another character found at Stew Leonard's. Below you will be introduced to Henrietta the singing chicken.

This supermarket and singing robots reminds me of Chuck E. Cheese, and how they had the animated robot music show in their dining area. I hope the Stew Leonard's in Paramus does well so they continue to expand and bring a location that's closer to Mercer and Bucks counties. It looks like it will make grocery shopping more fun.

Read more about Stew Leonard's first New Jersey store here


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