If you listen to me on Chris and The Crew, you may know that prior to the coronavirus pandemic, I ate out a lot. I mean, like "sometimes a couple of times per day" a lot. But the pandemic forced me to start making my meals at home (which also meant shopping for groceries).

Maybe that's why I was interested when I say foodandwine.com post a list of "The 10 Best Supermarkets in America."

Of the 10 supermarkets chosen by foodandwine.com, 4 have locations in New Jersey (and I've actually been to all of them at least once).

Coming in as the second-best supermarket in America, according to foodandwine.com, is Wegmans.

This is one I could have predicted based on Wegmans' reputation and personally, it's definitely one of my favorite supermarkets.

Wegmans has 9 locations in New Jersey, including stores in Princeton, Mt. Laurel, and Cherry Hill.

The next highest rated supermarket chain with stores in New Jersey was Lidl. Foodandwine.com placed it at #6 on its list.

Lidl is a German-based company that has just recently started expanding into the U.S. They opened a store in Cherry Hill earlier this year and although I was only in there once, I was definitely impressed, especially with the appearance of the store and the number of offerings in its bakery.

Lidl will soon be opening stores in the Lawrence Shopping Center and on Route 541 in Burlington.

Trader Joe's and Costco were the 2 other supermarkets with locations in New Jersey that made foodandwine.com's list of the best in America. Trader Joe's placed at #8 and Costco placed at #10.

To check out the entire top 10 and to find out why these 10 supermarkets were chosen, click here.

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