Three freinds from Hamilton Township, New Jersey, Garrett Braddock, Andrew Cooney, and Anthony Liedtka, have "retired early" to travel around the United States in a school bus. 

Technically they haven't truly retired according to Community News, they have just took a break from work to tour the country. They saved their money, found a school bus and transformed into a home on wheels. They are documenting their adventures on Instagram @a_bus_called_babe. You can see inside of the bus has been impressively redone below.

As for the work they left behind, Cooney, was a union carpenter, Liedtka, an auto-mechanic, and, Braddock, a film and video-maker. Combined they used their skills to redesign, tune-up and document their adventures on A Bus Called Babe.

Though the adventures seem over for now, Braddock did mention in the article he had enough footage to make a documentary about their time touring America. Until then "Babe" is not out of commission because she regularly goes tailgating.

The way I came across this story was by walking around my neighborhood. I took my dog for a walk the other day, and say a giant lime-green and blue bus with the Instagram handle on it. Here's hoping "Babe" gets to go on many more adventures.

Read more about A Bus Called Babe's adventures here

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