If you're a fan of cheesesteaks, Mercer County, NJ is a great place to live.

This news is making my mouth water. Three cheesesteak hotspots in Mercer County have been named among the best in the state, according to NJ.com's food guru Peter Genovese.

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Meatheadz Cheesesteaks in Lawrence Township is #7 on this annual list of New Jersey's 30 Best Cheesesteaks, and I have to say it deserves the spot, maybe even higher.

Once you've tried a Meatheadz cheesesteak you will no longer feel the need to drive to Philadelphia, the cheesesteak capital, to satisfy your craving.

Here's what Genovese had to say about this local favorite place on Brunswick Pike:

"Everyone who recommended Meatheadz on Twitter told me to order the Drippin' Steak (rib eye with provolone and dipped in au jus), and the juice/broth made for a drippingly delicious sandwich. But I liked a regular cheesesteak with American even more; it's loaded with juicy, tender meat."

I totally agree. Meatheadz cheesesteaks are amazing. I love just a regular cheesesteak with American cheese and raw onion. It's like no other I've ever tried. I'm going to have to try the Drippin' Steak now.

If you haven't heard, Meatheadz is getting a new home in the Lawrence Shopping Center, right up the street from their current place. From what I've heard they're hoping to be in there by the end of September.

Also on the list is Pete's Steak House Tavern at #29. It's one of two cheesesteak places in Hamilton Township that made the list.

It's located on White Horse Avenue. I haven't been, but, have many friends who are regulars there absolutely love the cheesesteaks, but, Genovese's pick was a twist on the original.

Here's what he said about Pete's:

"We don't talk much about chicken cheesesteaks on this list, but you can find commendable ones at Pete's. There's a broccoli rabe one, too, if you want to nudge the cheesesteak envelope a bit."

You won't have to go far from Pete's for #21 in Hamilton Township. It's Gaetano's in a strip mall on Route 33.

Genovese indulged in the "Peter Piper" cheesesteak with green peppers, sweet peppers, roasted peppers, jalapeno peppers and hot peppers and he called it, "pepper-lovin' nirvana." Wow.

That's another place I'm going to have to check out.

To see the complete list, click here. Warning, it's going to make you hungry.

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