To me personally, getting pulled over is one of the scariest things ever. I try to drive as carefully as possible to not break any laws because it’s just embarrassing. However, sometimes things happen and we can’t really help it! As of now, I have a pretty clean driving record.

I’ve been in an accident, but that’s pretty much it! I don’t have any points on my license either, but come to think of it, until a few months ago, I wasn’t even really sure what tickets would cause you to get points on your license.

I did some digging and these are the things you need to avoid completely unless you want to deal with paying a bunch of tickets that will do some serious damage to your driving record. Also, it’s better to know this now so you don’t have to get the DMV involved.

All I know is that one of my friends was going 20 over the speed limit and got a point or two on their license, but that’s not really something you retain from driver's ed class in high school. So, when driving around in New Jersey, what driving offenses will get you points on your license?

Going to the DMV is such a struggle in itself, so you only want to have to go every few years to get your license renewed. Nothing extra. So, these are the tickets that will for sure do the most damage to your driving record in the state of New Jersey.

12 Tickets That Do the Most Damage to Your Driving Record in NJ

Uh-oh! Don't do any of these things while driving in New Jersey.

Gallery Credit: Gianna

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