Hi all! It's Tiffany from Chris & the Crew! Today marks three years since my husband and I got married at a marina on the Jersey Shore. Despite the threat of a hurricane, it was the most beautiful day.

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So what happens after the wedding? Let me tell you, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it's a pretty wild ride. Here is my straight up opinion of what I've learned in the these three years of my marriage to Matt.

  1. Pick your battles- Not everything should be a fight or an argument. If something makes you mad, take a deep breath before you explode. It may prevent a huge fight in the long run.
  2. Don't get mad if your partner forgot to take the garbage out or load the dishwasher or change the laundry. They may have forgotten and need a reminder. "Honey do lists" are a great thing, make one.
  3. Always treasure your time together, even if you can see each other for an hour to have a meal because of crazy schedules. Even that little bit of time, will make you feel like you've been with them all day.
  4. Meals do not always have to be these elaborate ones. The other night Matt and I were exhausted and we both ate bowls of cereal for dinner. It's what we were craving and we were eating it together, so that's all that mattered.
  5. While I'm on the subject of meal times, try to eat them at some kind of table and PUT YOUR DARN PHONES AWAY! Give your partner all of your attention!
  6. Try not to schedule a million things with your friends Yes, they are your friends, but you're married now, it's all about balance and making your husband or wife feel loved too.
  7. Make time for sex. Yeah, I said it! You need to be connected as a couple and keep that spark alive!
  8. Never forget why you got married in the first place. If you just wanted a wedding, you won't make it. If you wanted to spend the rest of your life with someone, in good times and bad, you're golden.
  9. Don't let the peanut gallery get to you. In-laws, friends, family are great to have around, however they have NOTHING to do with your marriage. Don't let them intervene and also, don't take out your frustrations with them on your partner.
  10. Love them for everything they are, everything they are not and everything they want to be. Support one another, for life!

All in all, Matt and I have had an amazing three years of marriage.

After our amazing wedding, we had an amazing honeymoon in Grenada.

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We bought a house.

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We adopted an adorable shepherd puppy named Stella.

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And we have an amazing baby boy who is almost two years old now.

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All in all, life is what you make it. I am completely blessed to be spending my life with the man of my dreams.

3 years down...forever to go!

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