I have had the WORST of the worst experiences with hair stylists in Philly. From stylists showing up three hours late, to leaving my appointment to go fight over a waist trainer...I have had it all. A few months ago my hair braiding horror story went viral. But it sparked a lot of conversation about just how unprofessional Philly stylists can be. I have had so many girls share similar stories with me about their hair appointment nightmares. So ever since then, I have been on the hunt for the ones who are unlike the rest. Because not every stylist out there is bad. There are actually a lot of great ones...you just have to find them.

If you're looking for someone to braid your hair in the Philly area, let me help you out. I've done all the hard work for you. So just take your pick.

1. Hair by Mirah

Hair by Mirah is a traveling hair braider throughout the Philadelphia area, and will come to you to do your hair! Regular knotless braids range from $150 for large braids to $250 for small braids, and extra small box braids are priced at $180. Hair by Mirah has a number of five-star reviews stating that she is incredibly polite, professional, neat, and does hair quickly yet perfectly. When a Philly stylist left me with 5 knotless braids in my hair and never came back, Mirah was the one who came to my rescue and finished my hair in time for my birthday. And she's only 16 years old!

2. Braids by ShadayahG

Braids by ShadayahG is located in the Northeast Area of Philadelphia! ShadyahG specializes in knotless braids! She charges $300.00 for small knotless braids, $225.00 for medium knotless, $165.00 for large knotless, and $125.00 for jumbo large knotless. Any extra length for the hair is an additional $25. If you are looking to book an appointment, her books open on the first of every month! Her 7,280 Instagram followers rave in the comments about how much they love her knotless braids! I have personally had my braids done by her and they were the best I've ever had. Her shop is in the basement of a house, which is set up so cute and comfy.

3. Pure Simplicity Salon

Pure Simplicity Salon is located on 400 N 63rd St in Philadelphia. Raving five-star reviews describe how accommodating, professional and no matter what hairstyle you get, it is going to turn out amazing! Knotless braids range from $185 and up for large braids and $165 and up for jumbo braids. The business is closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s and appointments fill up rather quickly!

4. The Braid Barn

The Braid Barn is place with 10 plus years of experience! Small box braids are $201.75 and medium box braids are $181.75. Knotless braids range from $231.75 for small braids to $136.75 for jumbo knotless braids. The Braid Barns’ 2,519 followers rave about how they can’t wait to get right back in their chair. Hair braiding is done in her home and an address will be given upon booking!

5. Branded by Bourgeois

Branded by Bourgeois is done out of her home in the Philadelphia area by a self-taught hair braider! All clients must come with their hair washed, dried and product free. Knotless braids range from $325.00 for a six-hour small knotless braiding appointment, to $150.00 for an hour and a half jumbo knotless braid appointment. The girl is fast too. So if you are looking to be in and out...she's your girl.

6. Toucheddbykyy

Lakyla is a home-based stylist from the West Philadelphia area! Currently, Lakyla is having a one-year anniversary sale on certain braid styles! Normally though, knotless braids range from $115.00 for large braids and $225.00 for small braids. One pound of hair is also included! Lakyla’s costumers rave about her styling techniques, so much so that one costumer wrote, “I love that I felt comfortable and safe with getting my hair done. I didn’t have to wait nor did I feel like you rushed through my hair. Every single braid is neat, they’re light weight, and to top it off I hardly felt you doing them."


7. Braids & Things

Braids & Things is run by a self-taught braider of over ten years! This hair braider is located in the Philadelphia area and the address is sent upon booking. Knotless braids range from $130.00 for jumbo braids to $250.00 for small braids. Traditional box braids range from are $140.00 for large traditional to $180.00 for small traditional. These styles include hair as well! Previous costumers rave about her personality and her hair styling talent. One client even commented that when she took her braids out, it was the first time her braids did not slip out.

8. Ahead of Hair Braids By Mina

Mina is a home-based braider who strives to provide the best service to all of her clients! Mina styles box braids ranging from $125.00 for large braids to $180.00 for small braids. You can also choose the options for mid-back or bottom of the back, which also fluctuates in price depending on what you choose. There is also a small box braid option for those who have the sides and backs of their hair cut or shaven. There are also a variety of knotless braid options ranging from $100.00 for jumbo knotless to $250.00 for small knotless. Many of Mina’s clients comment that she is the best braider they know!

9. Slayplug_sicka

Jessica is another person I recently went to get my braids done. I asked for 6 feed in braids with extended hair, and she delivered! She currently works out of AB's hair studio in Bensalem. Even though she isn't in Philly, I had to add her in because her work is worth the 30 minute drive.

10. Glam Dolls Beauty Salon

Dazhine’ Thompson is a licensed cosmetologist who states her work speaks for herself. Thompson does a variety of styles and braids with knotless ranging from $150.00 for jumbo braids to $275.00 for small braids and $40.00 for natural braids. Thompson has a large following of happy costumers who comment on her Instagram anxious for their next appointment!

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