2020 was quite the year! I mean there were so many things that were trending for different reasons. Kobe was trending due to his sudden passing, killer hornets were ruining the country, and then quarantine hit! To be honest, the word “quarantine,” is probably the most used word of the year, but that's just me taking a wild guess. Anyway, I came across something I thought was so cool: The most trending dishes of 2020.

GrubHub released this list of all of the foods that were the most trending of the year. As I’m looking at this short list. I definitely felt like there were some other foods that would be on the list, like pizza. How could pizza  not be on the list? Or chicken parm? Ok, maybe not chicken parm, but still. 

Coming in at #5 is cold brew coffee. I will say that cold brew coffee is definitely a 2020 thing. Of course, it existed before, but I think Tik Tok blew this one up.

#4 didn't surprise me either because they were Waffle Fries. We all know the only place you can get them is none other than Chick-Fil-A. How many times a week do you guys think I was there this year?

As I got closer to the final 3 I started to get anxious! #3 was none other than fried chicken wings! Who doesn’t love a good set of wings? I prefer my wings breaded, with hot sauce on the side. It’s less messy that way.

#2 surprised me! It was a chicken burrito bowl! Now, I do love going to Chipotle, Moe’s and California Tortilla, but I didn’t think a chicken burrito bowl was super popular.

Are you ready for the last one?

The top trending dish of 2020 is none other than the spicy chicken sandwich! Think about it! When Popeyes released their chicken sandwich last year many people couldn't even get one, so it makes sense that it was trending this year! They have both the classic and spicy chicken, and I will say the spicy chicken sandwich is better. Of course, there was a huge debate about who had the better chicken sandwich: Popeyes or Chick-Fil-A? You tell me! 

You can check out all of their other trending food lists here



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