A tractor-trailer overturned on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Monday morning, and while it was far from our area, it’s what spilled all over the highway that is making headlines.

The tractor-trailer, which was carrying cases of Twisted Tea (the alcoholic drink known sometimes as “hard iced tea”) overturned on the highway near the New Stanton exit in the Pittsburgh area during Monday morning’s commute, Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV reported.

As you can see in the overhead video from KDKA-TV, it was quite a sight to see:

I don’t know about you, but if I was on the highway when it went down, I probably would’ve stopped to help them clean up. Then, of course, I’d have taken some bottles home with me. Can’t let all that stuff go to waste (especially on a Monday morning).

The good news is that there were no injuries in the accident, according to the report from the CBS station in Pittsburgh. The roadway was closed for a few hours as officials cleaned up the beverages (and truck) from the roadway.

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