I used to be a kid who ate the same thing every single day and it was only until I started dating in my 20's and the men I was going out with ate lots of different things, so I started trying new things too. But, I totally get ordering the same thing over and over at a restaurant and apparently Travis Scott does too.

In case you don't know who Travis Scott is, he is the rapper who dated Kylie Jenner for two years and the two share a child, little Stormi Webster. Travis had an established rap career before Kylie, however, dating her and having a child with her, really upped his popularity. I mean, that does happen to any guy who dates a Kardashian or Jenner girl to be honest. Travis has become so famous he even got a meal at one of the world's most famous fast food restaurants.

US Weekly reports, McDonald's is offering a meal they are calling the Travis Scott Meal and it is in fact the exact meal that Travis Scott orders when he goes there. He orders a quarter pounder with cheese, with bacon, and lettuce on top, a medium fry with BBQ sauce for dipping, and a Sprite. This is a pretty standard meal, nothing too crazy about it, right? The entire meal will cost you $6 plus tax. The coolest thing about this entire meal is that part of the proceeds of this Travis Scott meal will be going to charity. No word on which charity it will go to, but according to US Weekly, Travis Scott did say he is exploring options and different charities to work with.

So if you wanna eat like Travis Scott, head on over to McDonald's from September 8th through October 4th and ask for the Travis Scott Meal. If we can't live like billionaire celebrities, at least we can eat like one.

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