You know that moment when you drop your iPhone in a puddle or on the ground and you just know something bad happened. The next moment is filled with dread not only because your phone screen shattered but because you now have to go to the Apple store and spend an exorbitant amount of money on fixing it. Well, TikToker @Tanicornerstone recently revealed an industry secret that you’re going to want to hear.

She stitched a video as a response to someone who asked, “If you have worked for a large corporation, like a chain of a restaurant or retail place, I want to hear the secrets that only the employees know.” Tani goes on to explain that she used to work for Apple and when there were really rude customers the employees would fix their devices but charge them for it. On the other hand, she says that “incredibly kind and amazing” customers would sometimes be surprised by getting their repairs for free. This is done by the “surprise and delight” policy that Apple instills in its employees.

The commenters on this video confirmed this policy by talking about their own personal experiences. One person said, “I can vouch for this! I dropped my phone down the elevator shaft and told them about it and they were so sweet and replaced it for free.” A former employee even replied and said, “I worked at Apple retail and can confirm this is 1000% true.”

It seems like the moral of the story is to always be kind to retail employees, you never know what surprises you might get in return.


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