We all know that even way before the pandemic ever was a thing there were many families out there that still needed a helping hand with food, water, and other daily essentials. Now with the pandemic and people losing their jobs, we are sure that the number of people that need a helping hand has gone up higher.

The amazing thing is that there are many different organizations that are trying to help those in need right here in our communities. The only thing is that these organizations need a helping hand also.

As I was browsing through Facebook I noticed a post by the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen that stated that they are in need of our help. The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is looking for multiple items to be donated.

According to the Facebook post, at the moment the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is looking for people to donate "granola bars, bottled water cases and instant oatmeal variety packages." We also learned that the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is taking those items in any kind of brand. They do not have to be big name brand items.

It was also state on tha Trenton Area Soup Kitchen's Facebook page that you can make the donations at 72 Escher St, Trenton, NJ 08609 Monday through Friday 8am to 3pm. In a comment made by the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen it states that if you want to make a donation "come down the driveway and ring the door bell. Someone will give you a hand."

It's amazing seeing in the comments section of the post how many people want to help those in need in the Trenton area.

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