A ton of great athletes have come out of Trenton and the most recent is Athing Mu. Athing Mu is a Trenton, New Jersey native who is looking to take her talent to the professional level and perhaps even make it to the Olympics.

We learned from The Trentonian that Athing Mu will be competing in Eugine, Oregon this week to earn a spot on the U.S. Track and Field Olympic team. It was stated on The Trentonian that Athing Mu is a record-breaker and has "800 meters indoors and outdoors and the collegiate records, the NCAA record in the indoor 600m, the 400 and the 4×400 outdoor records" amongst other outstanding records.

The Trenton native is currently a freshman at Texas A&M. The Texas A&M website shared that the athlete is looking to "pursue a professional career in track & field and forgo her remaining three years of collegiate eligibility."

A few days ago Athing Mu made it known on social media that she is "Waving goodbye to my NCAA career."

In a different social media post, Athing Mu said "Back competing this week for the Olympic Trials"

That has to be an extremely proud moment for the parents from South Sudan knowing their second youngest child out of 7 children is close to making it to the Olympics out in Japan. Athing Mu is only 19 years old and is deciding to go pro, that's is a great accomplishment.

Athing Mu also made it known on Instagram that if you would like to see her compete in the Olympic trials you can on NBC or NBCSN. "Women’s 800m Thursday at 7:00 pm (PST)- 1st Rd Friday at 3:02 pm (PST)- Semis Sunday at 4:52 pm (PST)- Finals."

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