The only commercial airline to serve Trenton-Mercer Airport just unveiled a significant change that customers are sure to notice on their next trip.

Frontier Airlines is no longer offering customer service over the phone.

Yeah, this means if you need support from the airliner that you'll need to contact them via one of their digital methods. You will not be able to reach an agent over the phone.

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Maybe it's a sign of the times, but this could be REALLY frustrating for passengers of the discount airliner. If you've ever been stuck in an airport for a missed layover, a lost bag, or a canceled flight you know how frustrating it can be.

So, of course, not being able to actually speak with a representative may be EXTRA frustrating.

Having said that, the company says they don't plan on missing a beat with the service they're able to provide their customers.

Their customer service team is still available 24 hours a day, they say. That team can be reached via live chat, social media channels (like Facebook and Twitter), and even messaging via WhatsApp.

There may be some good news... just maybe? If there is any good news, it's that Frontier actually says there will be quicker response times for customers because of increased productivity for their support agents online.

Chat agents can help three people or more at a time, the airline told Colorado TV station, KDVR this week in a statement. They say that the average guest request can be completed within 15 to 20 minutes.

Frontier services approximately 9 destinations from the Trenton-Mercer Airport in Mercer County, NJ each year.

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