I have to say, having Trenton Mercer Airport so close to home is definitely a perk of living in Mercer County. It's so convenient. I've always said that once people start realizing how convenient and easy it is, it's going to start getting very crowded.

I just read in Philadelphia Business Journal that, yes, more & more people are using Trenton Mercer Airport, and because of that, an expansion is being talked about.

Listen to this...back in 2013, there were about 147,000 passengers but, last year, boy did that number jump in 2017. Last year the airport had around 727,000 passengers. Wow.

As of now, Frontier is the only commercial airline operating there, but, county officials are hoping an expansion will attract others. This possible expansion, being called "an airport master plan," includes an another terminal, with modern amenities.

Bring it on. Sounds good to me.

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