You have to check out this unique burger that’s only available for a limited time in our area. Coming up this Sunday, September 18, a national holiday is set in place for all of the cheeseburger lovers in your life to enjoy.

National Cheeseburger Day is officially almost here and this restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey has a burger that you’re going to want to try before it’s all gone.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Salt Creek Grille is a restaurant located at 1 Rockingham Row in Princeton, NJ and they want you to come out and celebrate with them. Next week only, Salt Creek Grille will feature a new burger called the Inferno Burger for an extremely limited time.

I’ve seen some pictures of this thing and they have this burger decked out with all of the amenities you can think of. This burger is for sure for people who love to mix flavor combinations and aren’t afraid to be an adventurous eaters.

The burger itself is a blended patty with a chuck and short rib on top of a buttery brioche bun. It also comes with aged white cheddar cheese and is literally as savory of a sandwich as they come.


They top this burger off with breaded jalapenos and pickles and a side of waffle fries. I personally am a super adventurous eater, and this burger looks to die for. Mixing flavor combinations is the best for me so this burger is looking amazing.

Other fast food restaurants are having deals on National Cheeseburger Day, but for me personally, if I’m celebrating this national holiday, I’d want to do it right with a burger that looks something like this.

If you’re interested in going out and trying this burger before it’s gone, go to the Salt Creek Grille in Princeton, New Jersey, and order the Inferno Burger for a limited time only. Salt Creek Grille is located at 1 Rockingham Row, Princeton, NJ, 08540.

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