Have you heard about Turkey on the Table yet?  You're about to. Apparently, it's the next big family tradition like Elf on the Shelf, according to Delish.

It's a cute, stuffed turkey (like a stuffed animal), and it comes with 13 double-sided, removable feathers, a marker, and a book about gratitude. You give a feather to each of your Thanksgiving guests and they write something they're thankful for, and stick it back on the turkey. You can also do this with your family, each day, leading up to Thanksgiving. After everyone's done it, the turkey is complete. He can be a decoration for your home, or a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. You can even order replacement feathers, so you can do this year after year.

You'll be helping out those in need when you buy one. Turkey on the Table has partnered with Feeding America, so everytime one is purchased, 10 meals will be provided to the less fortunate. The website says you'll "Start a Tradition, Give Thanks, and Give Back." Love that.

It's $40. You can order on their website, or I found it on Amazon Prime.

I ordered one this morning. I can't wait until he arrives. Get ready family, we're doing it. Lol.

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