Are you still into watching American Idol? I feel like a lot of people have fallen off the bandwagon, but come back when they see someone they know audition. Well, get ready to come back to the singing competition, because on Sunday, a Jersey girl will be appearing!

According to a press release, Payton Taylor, who is from Turnersville, which is down in Gloucester County tried out for American Idol and we are going to get to see her audition  at 8pm on ABC. I wanted to do a littler investigating on Payton and here's what I found out!

She's! She has her own website! Why does she have her own website? Well, she is actually an established country musician and this Sunday isn't her first appearance on American Idol. Payton actually appeared on American Idol last March and for the audition, Payton she was playing the guitar for her sister Taryn Coccia who was singing. Payton ended up singing for the judges and guess what? Both sisters got golden tickets! However, they both returned the tickets because they didn't want to compete against each other. So now, Payton, is back on the American Idol stage to see how far she can get with the judges!

Will she make it past the first round? Will she be the next American Idol? It would be pretty cool to see a Jersey girl take the trophy!

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