‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is classic Christmas tale that we are all familiar with. Around this time of year, we get to sit back and reminisce on the years that we grew up in awe of the magical story. Colebrookdale Railroad Excursions is giving you the opportunity to relive your childhood memories with a special evening train that takes you on a nice holiday adventure.

Take a ride in your pajamas and drink free hot cocoa while ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas plays over the speakers.  You can enjoy Christmas music in the comfort of the Edwardian-era train cars while keeping an eye out for any lit up villages holding some bright holiday surprises.

If you’re lucky, Santa Clause himself may make an appearance to give early gifts to all the children on board. Hurry and grab your tickets for this magical train ride going on every weekend in November starting the 9th and almost every night in December 2019.

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