I don't know about you but sometimes I feel a little disappointed when I put out a tweet that I believe is "genius" and it ends up not getting any love. The worst part is that everyone can see that it has gotten no "likes" or "retweets."

According to PhillyVoice.com, Twitter is currently testing "twttr". Yeah, we know, it sounds a little confusing. This is being designed to be a social media "place for healthier conversations."

Twttr will be eliminating the capability of being able to view the amount of likes and retweets a post has. Well, not completely eliminating that feature, more like hiding it. Philly Voice reported that there will still be a way to view the likes/retweets. Instead of seeing them while scrolling through your feed, you will now have to click on the individual tweet to see how popular it is.

There will be other new things coming as well. In a tweet posted by @Twitter, they mentioned, "Our updated camera is just a swipe away, so you get the shot fast." This will be an easier way to tweet out any video or picture to share with all of your followers.

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