Joe's Mill Hill Saloon in Trenton and Al's Airport Inn in Ewing made it onto a new list that ranks the best dive bars in the state.

The list was featured on, but Yelp actually provided the rankings of the best places to grab a drink or a bite to eat in New Jersey.

By the way, the description of "dive bar" may sound a little harsh, but it shouldn't be taken negatively. These places are more like the bars you can go to and be comfortable at, enjoy affordable drinks, and get great food.

Here are the two Mercer County bars that were highlighted on the list:

Coming in at 31 was Joe's Mill Hill Saloon. During the day you can see quite a few state workers making their way there for lunch and/or happy hour. Another area of the Mill Hill that's well known is their basement bar. Which has become a popular music venue for many punk bands and musicians. They also have a decent selection of craft beers. I've actually been a few times to see my friends and their band play there live.

The next bar gets some bragging rights because it made the top ten. Coming in at 10 is  Al's Airport Inn. I've never heard of this place, but one of the customers said it's a great place to get a drink and some wings.

In fact, I saw on their Facebook page that they have this bell at the bar that gets rung anytime a customer buys the bar around. You can see the video below

To see what other New Jersey bars made the list go here.

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