In keeping with tradition, a Bucks County company crafted two 32-pound vases that were gifted to President Biden and Vice President Harris on Inauguration Day. Since 1989, the Pennsylvania company, Lenox, which is known for its home décor and dinnerware has designed custom gifts for all Presidents. What an amazing tradition for the company and the country!

The vases were presented on national TV during the Inauguration coverage. What a great honor and some excellent publicity for a company that has experienced the effects of COVID-19 like many other Pennsylvania businesses. "Like many American companies, we have suffered immensely during COVID-19 and had to make some very difficult business decisions to continue to survive," said Lenox CEO Mads Ryder.

According to Philly Voice, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar presented these gifts to the 46th President saying, “The gifts represent the hope and the faith the American people have placed in you to move our country forward.” For this company, the opportunity to craft beautiful vases that were seen by the whole country on Wednesday gives them hope and faith that their company can survive.

Hopefully, after the whole country viewed the gorgeous vases, the company will begin to reap the benefits of such favorable publicity in 2021. Who would not want a gift fit for a President? I know I want one!


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