It’s not every day that you hear about New Jersey in the national news, but New Jersey is doing big things.

Uber announced Tuesday that they will be expanding their services from the ground all the way up to the sky. Uber will now have a helicopter service in New York City to get you to the airport in a quick time of eight minutes.

The new service is called “Uber Copter” and it will offer trip from the city to JFK airport (there won’t be any time to answer emails or take a nap on this trip). You’re probably wondering what this has to do with New Jersey. Well without one company based in Jersey, Uber would not be able to have this service. According to CNN “Uber doesn't operate the flights itself; they're handled by HeliFlite, a New Jersey-based charter helicopter company.”

The service will run on weekdays during rush hour service. The cost is definitely something not the cheapest. A one way ride is about $200 dollars.Plus, not everyone can order the service, only customers with the highest level in it's reward program can order the helicopter service.

With Uber taking initiatives who knows what will come next, maybe flying cars?

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