My husband is one of those people that he has taken the pandemic seriously, but it hasn't stopped him from doing every day things. He was actually my savior because he did all of our grocery shopping because I was very nervous about being in the stores. he just practiced safe habits and was good to go. I have not taken an Uber since the pandemic started, but my husband has when he goes out with friends and he says the experience isn't weird at all, since he never really talked to Uber drivers before the pandemic, so he just sits there with his mask on. I have to say, if I was an Uber driver, I would be checking constantly to make sure my passengers kept their masks on. Now according to News 12 New Jersey, Uber drivers will now require proof that passengers have masks.

Uber announced yesterday that a selfie must be taken and sent to the driver before entering the car. This will ensure the driver's safety as well as the passengers. Drivers will be on the lookout for passengers who are not wearing masks and will report them to Uber. In which case a passenger must then send a selfie to Uber with their mask on before they get into another Uber.

It's crazy to me because if I am not around someone frequently, I'm wearing a mask. I don't know where people have been or who they've been in contact with. For me, it's a no brainer to wear a mask, but I know how some people feel about them. Well, if you can't mask up, you're not taking an Uber, simple as that.

For more info, please visit this article from News 12 New Jersey.


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