You could take an Uber with your pet in the car soon.

According to, Uber will start testing a new service on Oct. 16 called Uber Pet.  The new feature will allow pet owners to pay a $3-5 surcharge that will allow their pets to ride with them in Uber cars that have agreed to take part in the program.

Pets have been allowed in some Uber cars in the past, but there was really no way of letting the driver know that you planned on sharing the backseat with your four-legged friend.  There were also instances where passengers wanted to bring a pet in their Uber, but the driver would not allow it.

  With Uber Pets, only drivers that allow pets in their cars will come up as "available." says that service animals "are allowed to ride at all times at no extra cost."

Uber will be testing the new program in 7 cities, including Philadelphia.  You can download the Uber app here.

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