Good news. Two of your favorite stores are coming together, according to 6ABC. Are you ready for this? The stores are Target and Ulta. Wow.

Ulta must know much we all love Target, lol, so they just struck a deal to put new Ulta shops in over 100 Target stores across the country. This isn't something we're going to have to wait for either, the new shops will be open by the middle of next year. Woo hoo.

The article says each of the new shops will be, "about 1,000 square feet and carry makeup, skincare, and fragrance." You can look for them near the beauty section in your Target. Yes, the GlamLab will be in the new shops, so you can see how the products look on you, and yes, you can use Target's amazing curbside pickup for your Ulta purchases. Yay.

I, like so many other people right now are trying to limit how many stores I go into, to lessen the chance of exposure to COVID-19, so, to have two stores in one, is fantastic. Plus, since Lord & Taylor is closing in Quakerbridge Mall, I need someplace new to get my Clinique makeup.  Although, I'm not wearing as much make up as I used to because not as many people are in the office because of the pandemic, and we're not going out nearly as much as we used to. Hmmm...I wonder if that prompted this new deal.

Sales of lipstick are down, according to the article, because of mask wearing, but, skin care product sales are up. Makes sense. No one is seeing our lips, but, we're all taking a little better care of ourselves these days.

I'm sure with more and more people online shopping now, both stores are looking to attract as much physical foot traffic as they can now. Having both stores combined, may do the trick.

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