Love Mexican food?  Uncle Julio's Mexican restaurant will be opening its very first New Jersey location in Bridgewater this fall, according to The Patch.

I wonder if there will be an endless bowl of chips at the table, like another one of my favorite Mexican restaurants? Hmmm. How about a fun birthday song? Lol. The new Uncle Julio's will be in Bridgewater Commons. It's going to be where the old McCormick & Schmick restaurant used to be (it closed back in January), next to The Cheesecake Factory.

So, what's the deal with Uncle Julio's? Well, The Patch article says it will have an open kitchen, so you can watch them make your food. They make everything from scratch, using only fresh ingredients. Apparently, they make the guac right at your table...that's cool. Plus, I saw on their website that there's a chocolate pinata that comes with a mallet that you crack open at your table, too. Fun. I can't wait to go.

You can check out the menus here.

A spokeperson told The Patch that they'll be hiring in the fall, so keep an eye out if you're thinking about getting a job there.

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