I don't know about you, but I am not flying anywhere for a while. We are still in a pandemic and airports were filled with germs even before coronavirus came into the picture. I feel like I would be excited about a vacation, but then would be so stressed out thinking about sanitizing everything and wearing a mask on a plane the entire time. It may cause me more stress and then the vacation is pretty pointless, right? Plus, we'll save money by not traveling, so maybe it's better that way. Plus travel restrictions right now are super tight, especially on United Airlines.

The New York Post reports, United Airlines flight attendants will now be required to carry thermometers while aboard flights due to the pandemic. There will also be self assessment requirements for passengers as well. United Airlines, like many are taking every precaution and safety measure to keep their passengers feeling safe. United Airlines is also one of the airlines that will actually ban you from flying with them if you do not wear a face mask while you're on board one of their flights. according to the New York Post. See the full list of airlines that will actually ban you from flying with them if you don't wear a face mask.

I know people are eager to fly to other states for a nice getaway, and it seems airlines are doing a lot to put your mind at ease, but with coronavirus cases surging in states down south, once you return, you are urged to quarantine for 14 days. So I'll be staying in New Jersey for a little while longer.


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