Victoria's Secret plans to close 53 stores across the country, as their brand continues to sink in popularity.

The fate of our local stores in Quaker Bridge Mall and Oxford Valley Mall is unclear at this time. 

"We are not releasing a list of stores closing, which will occur over the next year and represent less than five percent of our total store count," the company said in a statement issued to 94.5 PST.

L. Brands owns Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. While Victoria's Secret isn't doing well, Bath & Body Works is doing well (phew...that's one of my favorite stores).

I didn't even realize this, but, according to CNN, Victoria's Secret already closed 30 stores last year, saying it was to escape weaker malls. There are still 950 stores in the U.S.

If you think about it, Victoria's Secret really hasn't changed that much throughout the years, and women want more options now. They're opting for big retail places with more customizable bras, and bras that are cheaper and fit better. Target just announced a new line of bras and underwear. Walmart is expanding their selection too.

in my opinion, women like seeing women like them in ads too, and Victoria's Secret has stuck with supermodels for way too long. In fact, the yearly Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on CBS had its lowest ratings ever last December.

Earlier this week J.C. Penney announced plans to close additional stores across the country, but company officials for the popular department store told us that our local stores won't be affected.

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