The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will not be returning to network television this year.

Honestly, I actually loved the show. The models, the fashion, the musical performances and everything were so gorgeous.

However ... I will say that every time I do watch it, I feel like I need to go on a serious diet. Which is NOT okay ...

The show first debuted on TV in 2001 and after it's long run the show will be saying bye to the network airwaves.

The shows ratings have actually dropped significantly over the past few years losing about two thirds of it's viewers.

Society has been changing it's perspective of beautiful and it's seems like the once popular super tall and skinny look is making it's way out while more realistic measures are being praised. Which is honestly a breath of fresh air now that tall and skinny as well as all shapes and sizes are being considered beautiful in today's fashion world. reported that, "The show has often been criticized for objectifying women and has faced recent criticism after CMO Edward Razek made about casting plus-sized and transgender models in the show."



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