It's pretty cool when a special guest shows up to your birthday party, it's even cooler when your favorite team's mascot shows up! For a family who loves sports, this could be an awesome memory!

According to The Patch, the New Jersey Devils mascot was invited to a 5 year old's birthday party in Edison and while he was there, he caused some damage to the party venue! During a parachute game, which is a very popular one amongst young kids, the Devil started to run away from the game, almost like he was upset that he dropped the parachute, and he ran right into a glass window and shattered the entire thing!

Judging by the videos from Twitter that were posted by the young boy's father, the party wasn't ruined, it was probably just a highlight.

No word on whether the New Jersey Devils plan to pay for the damage done to the birthday venue, but the organization is definitely aware of the situation. Despite the damage, the boy's father seemed to be actually excited about the incident since it will be something his son is most likely to remember.

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