Usually, after a few drinks, you feel like you are the best dancer and no one can top your dance moves. You get extremely confident and start challenging others to a dance battle. In Bucks County, there are restaurant owners that are challenging other restaurants to show off their dance moves.

According to, the owners of Guru's Indian Cuisine in Newtown released a video on Facebook where the owner of the restaurant said, "I am challenging all of the restaurant owners in Newtown and Bucks County because we had a very difficult year and I think we should make it a little fun and more relaxing."

From our understanding, there is no big price for any restaurant that partakes in this challenge is all just for fun and perhaps some extra restaurant exposure. Good vibes are always welcomed, especially after the year everyone has had.

After watching the video posted on Guru's Indian Cuisine Facebook page it just makes me want to go eat there because it looks like such a great vibe. The employees and owners of Guru's Indian Cuisine were dancing to Bollywood music and just using some pots and spoons as instruments. It definitely looked like a blast.

It was stated on that only one other Bucks County restaurant has replied to Guru's Indian Cuisine dance challenge. Green Parrot in Newtown has yet to create its own dance challenge video but "they plan to get their dance crew together," according to

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