In 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Eagles Autism Challenge was forced to go virtual. However, according to NBC 10, $3 million was still raised. That is amazing. If you don't know what the Eagles Autism Challenge is, it was created by Jeff Lurie the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2018. NBC 10 stated that it is a "family-oriented one-day bike ride and fun run."

Originally the Eagles Autism Challenge was supposed to happen this upcoming May but the executive director of the Eagles Autism Foundation, Ryan Hammond, decided that it would be better if the event was pushed back a little. We learned from NBC 10 that the Eagles Autism Challenge will now happen in late summer or during the fall season.

The executive director of the Eagles Autism Foundation told NBC 10 that the main reason for the decision to push back the event was to protect the "loyal participants, Eagles fans, volunteers, support staff and the wider Philadelphia community.”

Even though businesses seem to be opening back up and things are getting a little better with the control of the virus it is still a huge risk factor for these types of events.

NBC 10 made it known that there is still no exact date for the Eagles Autism Challenge. However, it has been mentioned that the new date can be out to the public after the Philadelphia Eagles release their game schedule. It was stated on NBC 10 that the Eagles will put out their game schedule in May.

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