How often do you scroll through Twitter and find yourself laughing out loud all by yourself? Or you feel the need to let out a scream from something that you see on your feed? Honestly, this is a completely normal occurrence for me. Whenever I send a DM to my friends, I wish that I could share my thoughts through something other than emojis. Luckily, Twitter is trying out voice DMs in India, Brazil, and Japan!

According to Mashable, the first country to get voice DMs was Brazil last year and the most recent was India this year. The feature includes a new voice recording icon that is available within the DMs and allows you to record a message up to 140 seconds in length. For these countries, it is available on both iOS and Android versions.

Don’t get too excited though! Sadly, Twitter told Mashable that there is no timeline in place for when this feature will be making an appearance in the United States.

While my initial thought was that sending Voice DMs to friends sounds amazing, there are also potential problems. As we all know, viral Tweets often result in controversy. There are always people who feel the need to be negative in the comments, so imagine if they started sending their thoughts through voice DMs. How would Twitter be able to moderate all these voice DMs?

Hopefully, U.S. Twitter users will get a chance to try out this new feature even if it doesn’t last. I think it may make Twitter my favorite app!


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