A small park in Lawrence Township may be getting a new upgrade soon. I saw online that a park in South Lawrence is in the running for being home for a new dog park, thanks to petsafe.net.

The organization is “all about empowering communities to make their dog park dreams come true,” according to their website.


It states that ever since 2011 the organization, PetSafe has awarded more than $1.65 million for more than 80 dog parks in 40 U.S states, and Lawrence Township, New Jersey may be next!

30 communities were selected to be in the running to have one of their local parks be completely upgraded into a modernized dog park.

The community that gets the most votes will win a PetSafe Bark for Your Park Grant for 2022. 29 other communities are in the running along with Lawrence to win this grand prize like communities in Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and so many other states across the nation.

The park that is in talks of receiving the grant and getting a major upgrade is Hamnett Park.

The park itself is located at 1600 Ohio Ave, Lawrence Township, NJ, and PetSafe is looking to reinvent this park and make it into Hero Dog Park.

There’s a diagram on the website that shows their potential plans if Lawrence were to get the most votes and it seems like they would redo the entire empty field that sits vacant behind the slide and swing sets to really revamp this park.

If you want to cast your vote for Lawrence to win this and be home to the newest dog park in Mercer County, NJ, you can find the voting here, which runs through August 31st!

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