People keep saying they can't wait until things go back to normal after the pandemic is over, however, I think things will never go back to normal. I say this because the coronavirus pandemic has had such a global impact, we will have to change the way we go about our daily lives. Face masks are going to have to be worn for some time, people are going to have to wait to dine inside their favorite restaurants, and we may need to keep being obsessive about washing our hands. All of these things aren't terrible, but I think people are used to living a certain way and they will definitely need to adjust.

My husband takes care of all the grocery shopping and I stay home with our son so he doesn't get exposed o germs. He does a pretty good job I must say, and plus he just goes to self checkouts and that way he's not exposed to a cashier. Self checkouts may actually be safer for everyone and picking up on that, Walmart has decided to do a little experiment. FOX NY reports that a Walmart store in Arkansas is testing out self checkouts only. There will still be a supervisor near the self checkouts in case shoppers need any assistance, but in this store, aisles of checkouts with attendants ringing people up are eliminated. They are also testing new payments systems that won't require you to touch a screen. All of this is to hopefully prevent coronavirus from coming back and getting us back to a new normal. Who knows if this will expand to the rest of the country, but I think it's a pretty good idea.


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