USA Today reports, Walmart has just revealed how they are going to save their customers money during the month of November with Black Friday deals. Walmart will actually be closed on Thanksgiving Day which the first time in a very long time. So when will you be able to save big bucks at Walmart? November 4th beginning at 7pm, on Veterans Day and then also Thanksgiving Eve. These will be online first and will then make their way into stores. There's even options for contact free curbside pick-up with all these deals, which has become extremely popular during the coronavirus pandemic. Walmart stores will also open at 5am during these special deal days. Walmart understands that shoppers will mostly be shopping online this year and they want to keep crowds from filling up their stores, so they believe these sales will help that. For more info, check out this article from USA Today.

I have never been a big Black Friday shopper and did whatever I could to avoid shopping on Black Friday. I thought I'd change because I am now a Mom, and I need to be going out there and getting the latest toys and gadgets for my kids, but my son is only 9 months old, and his birthday is like 2 weeks after Christmas, so yeah, I am not going out to stores and risk getting trampled on. Last year, I went the Amazon route for most of my shopping, and I'm sure a lot of other people will do this too because you don't need to set foot in a store. Since Walmart is having such big sales online, this eliminates a lot of stress for people. If I do decide to shop, I will try to shop at mom and pop stores, and ones that are privately owned to support my local businesses. My family and I have cut back on spending a ton on each other, which for me, is super nice because then I don't need to stress about what to get everyone. This year is easy, a lot of people are getting gifts that include my son. Super cute and easy.

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