If you’re looking to go out to dinner soon but aren’t sure where to go, Yelp is the greatest tool to make your decision easier in my opinion.

You can easily type in whatever feedback on any place you want and you get real reviews that are extremely helpful and usually very honest. Sometimes almost too honest, if you ask me.



There are so many places to get a great meal in Bucks County, PA and the possibilities are endless.

No matter if you’re craving sushi, Mexican, Chinese, etc., you’ll be able to find something you, your friends, and your family will be obsessed with.

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We’ve all been on social media and have seen lots of people posting the funniest Yelp reviews they’ve seen or just memes they’ve found thanks to the website in general, but aside from a few laughs it can give you some really honest feedback, and a lot of people put all of their trust in it.

I was wondering what the best-rated Italian food spot is according to the people of Yelp and of course, people felt very passionate about the subject. This is the best-rated Italian restaurant in Bucks County, PA according to Yelp.


La Voglia Italian Restaurant - Warminster, PA

When you search for the top-rated Italian restaurant, the first restaurant that comes up is not in Bucks County.

The only downfall of Yelp is that sometimes when you search for restaurants in a certain area, it can be a little broad and will give you results that may be outside of your expected location.

The 2nd best-rated Italian spot in Bucks County is technically #1 because of this and that restaurant is La Voglia Italian Restaurant in Warminster, PA. La Voglia is a BYOB Italian spot in Warminster that is open daily for takeout, dine-in, and delivery, via their website.

Lots of diners in the Bucks County area have given this spot amazing reviews and it currently has 4.6 stars based on 153 reviews. So many people have commented that they’d recommend this restaurant and that it has amazing food and service.

Check them out on their website, here!

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