Warrington Township Police Department has issued a warning to Bucks County residents, as they say, a black bear has been spotted several times in the area.

The cub was first spotted in Warrington on Saturday, June 8. The cub is believed to be about 2 years old (and 100 pounds in size), according to a report from 6-ABC.

The bear was spotted along Street Road and Route 611 (near the Neshaminy Creek), and of course, officials are hoping the bear will stay in those areas.

"People from the golf course, people from residential neighborhoods, along Street Road and Route 611 have seen it,” Warrington Police Sgt. Ken Hawthorn told KYW.

In fact, Monday’s sighting actually put local schools on a “soft lockdown,” 6-ABC reported.

While officials continue to search for the bear, they’re reminding residents to stay clear of the bear is they spot it. If you see the bear, please call the Pennsylvania Game Commission immediately. Their number is 610-926-3136. 

If you do come across a bear on your property, here are some tips from local officials:

  • Make loud noises or shout at the bear from a distance (like you would at a dog getting into your trash)
  • Leave the bear alone, and clean up the bear’s mess after it leaves.
  • Follow up by making sure you eliminate whatever attracted the bear in the first place

It is the mating season for bears (which runs through mid-July), and officials are offering additional tips (like making sure you don't leave your trash outside as a precaution). A full list of those tips is available here.

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