A teacher at a school in Newark, NJ, has done something very special to welcome her students back to school.  Alayna Victoria is a 3rd grade teacher at KIPP New Jersey and a video posted on the school's Facebook page shows how this amazing teacher transformed her classroom into Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books and movies.


The classroom features a wall for articles from The Daily Prophet, coat hangers for Invisibility Cloaks, a whomping willow, and much more.  The attention to detail that Alayna put into creating the classroom is very impressive.

According to kippnj.org, "KIPP New Jersey schools are part of the nationally recognized 'Knowledge Is Power Program' non-profit network of college-preparatory, free, public charter schools educating elementary, middle, and high school students."

KIPP New Jersey has 11 schools in Newark and 3 schools in Camden, NJ.

KIPP New Jersey posted a second video on Facebook featuring the students' reaction to the classroom.

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