We heard from some coworkers this morning about water outages in the Levittown area. They've apparently been caused by a water main break in Stonybrook.

Residents in Falls Township, Bristol Township, Tullytown, and Middletown are reportedly experiencing issues with their water pressure this morning. Those affected say that they are experiencing very limited water pressure or they have no water pressure at all out of their faucets today.

The water supply has been affected by a water main break in Stonybrook section of Tullytown. The Tullytown Borough Police confirmed the news on Facebook today:

Additionally, Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority confirmed the news on their website saying that their water plant is also experiencing problems. They are working diligently to correct the problem. It's not clear if the two issues are related.

As a result of the water supply issues, St. Michael the Archangel School in Levittown is closed for the day.

Of course, with water supply issues it is likely that other businesses may be forced to close for the day as officials work to repair the issues.

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