"Let's GOOO! Wawa has PIZZA!"

Remember this? Last month, MTV Jersey Shore's Paul “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio, Vinny Guadagnino, and Mike “The Situation” were  spotted filming a commercial for Wawa at their iconic Wildwood location at 418 W Rio Grande Ave!

Credit: TikTok @jilybean
Credit: TikTok @jilybean


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TikTok user @JilyBean was there to capture the cool moment in August! After the film crew shouts "Action", you can see Pauly, Mike and Vinny skipping from the store into their blue retro car holding a pizza box, shouting "Let's GOOO! Wawa has pizza! Wawa has PIZZA!"

Well Wawa, just dropped the finished commercial! And it's as hot and fresh as their pizzas!

Credit: Instagram @Wawa
Credit: Instagram @Wawa

It starts as a casual, all-too-familiar Wawa run for the boys, when all of a sudden, they're awestruck when they discover for the first time that.... yep, Wawa has PIT-ZUH! After they take their first bite, It's a revelation glorious enough to make them tell the whole world!

Check out the finished product for yourself! It may be the most endearing thing you see today.

The boys are also popping off in the comments!

@MikeTheSituation: WAWA has Pizza 🍕 🔥🔥

@DJPaulyD: I ❤️ Pizza!!!!

@Vinnyguadagnino: Can’t bring us anywhere ! 🍕

Dying to try a Wawa pie? Their ovens are hot and ready! You can order a pizza for dinner starting at 4pm, all the way up until 3 am for your late-night cravings. Honestly a great tactic for when all the other pizzerias are closed. Wawa once again coming in clutch for late, late night meals!

The Jersey boys make it look TOO good, so I'm gonna have to get some! Have you tried the Wawa pizza yet? Give us your verdict in the comments!

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