Allow me a quick rant.

I've complained about this before. It's a small, yet regular occurrence I notice all the time at Wawa and I find it so annoying. I know I can't be the only one!

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To be clear, this is not a rant directed toward Wawa and its employees - rather the people who frequent Wawa. Specifically, some people who order from the kiosks.

We all order from Wawa kiosks. For many of us, it's part of our daily routine. You come in, order your sandwich and drink from the kiosk, grab your ticket, pay for your order, and then wait for your order to be called. All is good in the world. But in my humble opinion, there's a certain set of unwritten etiquettes to be followed.

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And there's one rule in particular that really grinds my gears whenever someone doesn't follow it.
Stop. Blocking. The pickup. Counter!

At some Wawa, at any given time, guaranteed there's some person who's standing DIRECTLY in front of the pickup counter, where everyone else also has to pick up their order.

Photo by Julien L on Unsplash
Photo by Julien L on Unsplash

I'm talking about the impatient, inconsiderate folks. The entitled people who will block the entire counter, to the point where their hands are touching it, and barely budge when someone else behind them has to say "excuse me" and squeeze their arm past them to pick up their own food.

If that weren't already rude enough, they'll impatiently stare and glare at the Wawa employees behind the counter who have to endure the uncomfortable proximity and scrutiny as they try to focus on their job.

My plea is simple: When waiting for your order to be called, keep a polite, respectable distance from the pickup counter.

Maybe I'm overreacting? Mind you, I'm also the kind of person who goes into a silent rage when I get stuck behind slow walkers.

Do you also notice this? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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