We probably all knew this day would come eventually! Now it's here

Yep! Now instead of just hoagies, coffee, sandwiches, mac and cheese bowls, Sizzlis, and even burgers, now you can get PIZZA at Wawa!

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Intrigued? At select stores, now you can make it a pizza night with your choice of 14'' or 16'' cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizzas with other toppings! Just pop your order into the kiosks, like you would with a hoagie.

Their ovens are hot and ready! You can order a pizza for dinner starting at 4pm, all the way up until 3 am for your late-night cravings. Honestly a great tactic for when all the other pizzerias are closed. Wawa once again coming in clutch for late, late night meals!


They're made with "perfectly melted 100% whole milk mozzarella on top of a golden thin crust, all freshly made for you," according to the Wawa website. 

They're already getting a lot of attention on social apps like Instagram... and they look pretty good! They're definitely not skimping on the toppings. If it picks up enough steam, they might be made available at more stores!

Will you be trying a Wawa pizza? I have to admit that as a dutiful Wawa lover, I'm definitely a little skeptical. But even still, I remain even more skeptical about Wawa burgers, which I haven't even tried yet. So I'm down to try a slice! If you've tried one of these babies, please! - Let us know how you like them!


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