Did you know that there is no age limit that allows a child to be left alone without adult supervision in Pennsylvania?

Surprising, I know. You would think that it would be illegal to leave a 5 year old child by themselves, but it's not.

My parents didn't let me stay home alone without an adult present until I was around 14 years old. And even then I felt like I wasn't even home by myself because my mom kept me on the phone with her the majority of the time. And even though I begged her to let me stay by myself at the age of 12 and tried to convince her that I was grown enough, in hindsight she made the right decision.

According to PA Family Lawyers, even though there isn't an age minimum, if something were to happen to a child while being left alone, the parent could be charged with neglect.

So if you are a parent it is your responsibility to decide whether or not your child is mature enough to be home alone. If you think at the age of 8 he or she would be okay and not put themselves in any danger, then the choice is yours to make.

Now even though Pennsylvania doesn't have an age requirement when it comes to leaving children home by themselves, according to PA Family Lawyers, experts advise parents to wait until at least the age of 10 years old.

How old were you when your parents finally let you stay home alone? Is there a specific age you are going to wait for when it comes to your kids?

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