What is allowed (or not allowed) when you and your significant other decide to take "a break" for a period of time?

Well, one of Chris' friends asked her to pose the question this morning on the area, and it started a spirited debate on-air with Chris & the Crew this morning.

Tiffany suggested that the issue is really "what caused the break," but Dave said that the person who wants the breaks get to set the rules.

For Chris, meanwhile, one rule stood out quite a bit more than the others. She says that when you're on a break you cannot have sex with anyone else.

"Getting under a new person will blur your vision," Tiffany chimed in.

"We all learned from Ross and Rachel (Friends) that you can't have sex with someone else on a break," one of our callers suggested this morning.

Remember how awkward that was?

As for communication during a break, Dave & Chris seemed to agree. It's probably important to limit the communication at that point.

"You want them to miss you," Dave said when reminding us that we probably shouldn't text during your hiatus.

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