Thanksgiving is just weeks away so we all have to get our stretchy pants ready. Diets are out the window. No one really even knows what a diet is at this point. Of course, we all have to be thankful and know the true meaning of the day we are celebrating and appreciate the moment with the loved ones. But let's all be real, we are here for the food.

Now we have a question for you. What is your favorite side dish during Thanksgiving dinner? Is it stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, or deviled eggs?

My answer is mashed potatoes and gravy. Always comes in clutch. I know it's technically 2 sides but still, it's the best.

In the Twitter post shared by Graham Elliot, it shows that the state of New Jersey is actually a big fan of stuffing. Would you say that the United States Thanksgiving map is actually correct? Stuffing is pretty good not gonna lie.

The map also shows that Pennsylvania is on the same page as New Jersey and most people in the state say that their favorite side dish is stuffing. There were 4 other states that had stuffing as there favorite dish also. Those states are New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Mashed Potatoes took the lead with 10 different states in the country having that as their favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

Not gonna lie, I am glad that not one state chose brussel sprouts as their favorite side dish.

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